Sunday, 30 November 2008

100 photos...

So, people have been complaining that the briefs are too "strict", or don't give us enough freedom...but this brief, made me go crazy lol.
And for that reason...Im not that happy with my 100 photos.

And the photo size 3 x 2.5...? That ruined mine aswell, lol. I sent them off to get printed, I put 2 images on one 7 x 5 page, and they look...pants. The quality is pretty poor but I know for a fact they wouldn't have been any better if I had printed them off on my printer plus I would have had to buy more ink. It also took away the effect of some of the images in my opinion...I wish I would have just gone for 6 x 4.

ANYWAY! I will stop blaiming the brief haha. Im just a bit worried mine won't be what we were supposed to usual.

I chose landscape orientation and I took about 500 photos...and printed about 104 or something, I wish I knew what we were doing with them...

Night. x

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