Monday, 23 March 2009


Well! I've got...100 photos of 100 things in my bedroom. 100 continuous line drawings of 100 things in my bedroom AND 100 scans of 100 continuous line drawings of 100 things in my bedroom :) Did you get all that? Lol.

Below is a really quick mock of a conveyor belt idea I was thinking of? I quite like the effect it has, but I need to make the images look a bit better? Possibly vectorise them. If not - then I need to make sure the line at the bottom connects on all of them.

In addition to this, I was toying with the idea of a border for a bedroom?
More specifically, a childrens bedroom, like a 'colour in border'.

Lovely jubbly.
Im happy.

The end is near!

What is a line...
Well, I haven't addressed much on here since my last crit where we got 5 questions from each person.

Some of the questions were quite...well, not Too useful but thankyou anyway.
Here are some of the questions I picked out -

Have you decided on a theme?
I have now! I needed a context and I was really sure what I could do, but I wanted something that I could produce quite a lot of, in...not a huge amount of time. I went for the idea of 100 things in my bedroom because: its personal to me, it has variety but still a context and its another form of line - my life line? The line that I live within?

Etch-a-sketch are quite hard to use, do you think you have enough time?
Short answer - No I don't.
For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to use etch-a-sketch and it would be quite easy but the more I thought about it, the more I remembered why I don't have an etch-a-sketch anymore. I probably broke it from throwing it. I didn't give myself enough time to master the art of etch-a-sketch. Shame.

Have you looked for etch-a-sketch generation programmes?
No - I hadn't, but then I did. And the one I found just backed up the fact was quite an unreachable goal to think I could master using one And produce a body of work from it. < Thats the one I found, it really is good and fun! But I could never produce good work on it.

I'm not going to embarrass myself by putting up any of my shoddy attempts on here :D haha. It really it hards lol.

I think I'll stick to my hand drawings!

SO! Now that I've addressed this, I can move swiftly on and do what I need to do.


Thursday, 19 March 2009


Its not HOW TO tell a lie convincingly...its TELL a lie convincingly. Duh...

Basically me and marc interpreted the brief wrong However...this isn't a negative thing!

The research that we have still counts, as does the rest of the work but the idea has completely changed. It probably couldn't be more different? haha. But to be fair, I think we're both glad that we've moved away from the first idea because neither of us were really satisfied with where it was going.

Feeling positive! x

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How To Lie Convincingly...

The New Collaboration Brief!

Sooo, I'm workin with Marc and we both decided to do the 'Tell a Lie Convincingly' task.
Not just tell a lie....tell a lie to your boss.
Therefore our audience is employee's.

Up to this point, i've done some research into how to tell lies without getting caught.
Here are some of the main points i've found:

- Lying is a form of story-telling.
- Avoid lying to people who know how you normally act.
- Its easier to lie to people you don't care about.
- Practicing your lie will make it more effective.
- The more details you use, the more likely it is that someone will believe you.
- The details must be rehearsed and memorised.
- Keep the details in your active memory for a reasonable period of time after you have told the lie.
- Include unverifiable details i.e. if you said that you had to go the dentist...say something like
'The dentists hands were so cold!'
- If you include people in your lie, make sure they know about it so they can back you up.
- Believe your own lie - the more you rationalise with the story, the more likely you are to convince yourself that you are telling the truth.
- Confidence is a good indicator that someone isn't lying.
- Don't over elaborate.
- Look the person, that you're lying to, in the eye but don't stare at them.
- Never forget what you lied about.
- Think about what questions the victim of your lie might ask you, next time you see them.
- Don't try to distract the person you're lying to.

More more more.x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm done...

Playmaker - A guide to getting fully equipped for Ice Hockey.

Im really happy with the final piece, I sprayed the puck black and it gave it such a nice finish! Which I was surprised at considering it was a plastic glossy puck, I was worried it would run but it didn't :D
There are some things I could improve but....I'm more than happy with what I've done:-

All in all, there are 20 pieces of equipment, 18 slang ice hockey terms and an illustration of the ice hockey rink.

Suggested ways to improve it:-
- Use my typeface more - (I would have...but I didn't think it looked good enough)
- Put the label on the box better.

Moving on to the next thing!

The puck...

I got a puck off the internet because otherwise...I would have had to go to sheffield to the Ice Sheffield shop. Even though its bright orange, I wasn't too bothered because I thought - if i'm going to use it, I will be able to overcome this.

I thought it was going to be a solid, heavy puck, where I got it but it was actually hollow when I got it. At first I was annoyed but it turned out to work for the better for me!
I cut it in half and left a bit at the back like a hinge but I figured this would snap after a while so I just cut it in half completely and experimented with how I could attach the content.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to pursue the concetina/springy effect because it works well and it can be as long as I need it to be. Super duper.


I can't leave them alone!

This advert...the lines on his shirt. Grr, I love it.

I need TIME! But I don't have it lol.


SO! I traced pictures of all the equipment that you need to be a Ice Hockey player And Goalkeeper...
I then traced them all, increased the contrast so it was just black and white...and Live Traced them in illustrator so that I could have them any size I wanted.
I didn't want them to have a flat colour so what I did was scribble all over a piece of paper in pencil, took this into photoshop and produced the texture that the pencil created in various colours...after adding blocks of these colours to the illustrations I was Really happy with them!

You can't see the texture particularly well here, but it shows all of my illustrations...lovely jubbly.

In the mean time, I took the layout of the ice hockey rink into illustrator...Im sure I can use it somewhere! It also makes me laugh because the top and bottom look like faces with big lips haha.


Sticks and bits

Soooo, I have now decided that Im going to make a guide on how to get fully equipped...showing the equipment you need to wear but also incorporate some ice hockey terms because I found a Lot when I doing my research.
Now I know what Im doing...lets sort our How i'm going to do it.
I want to use a hockey puck because it gives them something to feel and...its a piece of the equipment!

I was looking into the type that I could use and I started playing around with Hockey sticks and pucks...
I came up with this:

I like it BUT I don't think i'll be able to use it a Lot because it might get confusing and illegible. But at least I have something to play with.


What is a line...lampost.

This took me a ridiculously Long time.
I thought the way I had done this one, would be So much quicker than my last one...I scanned one whole picture onto photoshop and just deleted little bits at a time. Butttt, it took ages and then when I put it together, its gone really bad quality. Grr.

ANYWAY! Here it is...and as we know, Im moving on here.

Moving on from here...I am looking at context.
Evidently, I didn't have any content really...It was like 'Im looking at structure erm...and building...and erm, construction and erm...interesting things'
WHAT? I thought that was good enough...but then I realised I was so confused I had no idea what to do.

In the latest crit, it was suggested that I look at multiples of things i.e. 100 cups.
I really liked this I am thinking of making it more personal to me and doing 100 things in my bedroom - connected by a line.

I still intend to look at the idea of etch-a-sketch but I haven't bought one...because also in the crit, someone mentioned an etch-a-sketch generation programme, which in fairness is going to be easier, quicker and I will probably be less likely to fail on that!


play LOUD

Due to the fact I don't really know anything Ice Hockey...or sport in general really, I wasn't really sure what direction to take it in, in terms of presentation etc.
I found a book in the library called Play Loud...its basically an illustration book based specifically on Football. is not ice hockey, but it gave me an insight into the styles of illustration and ways of presenting things that are appropriate to the sport world.

Below are some example from the book that I liked most:

3 Deluxe : This captured my attention simply with the way it used the actual football to present to illustration...maybe I could use a puck or a hockey stick?!

Var - Against the Rest - This is similar to the 3 Deluxe design and there were actually quite a lot of things like this in the book but this shows how you could package it afterwards.

Anonimo studio - When flicking through the book at first, this was the first to really catch my eye. I thought the use of graph paper was good because it is quite instructional and structured and the fact it is green is even more appropriate - green grass, football. Hmm, blue and white graph paper could represent ice?!

Mitch Paone - I love the style of this; the stock, the colour, the type and style of illustration but I definately think it lends itself to a poster. I'm sure if I want to do a poster? But I still love it.

Sammy Stein - Hmm, girly football graphics! The use of colour to make it seem more feminine is cool because just by changing the colours to something like green and blue would automatically make it more masculine. I can't do illustrations like these...but i like them lol.

SemiTransparent Design - This is just simple, attractive and clean which is just what I like. I think it would work really well as a background if I was to do a poster with text over it. Mmm.

Visualdata - I've seen this kind of stuff Somewhere before...but I can't remember where? I thought it was an orange advert but I've got a feeling, I only think that because of the colour lol.
anyway! I really like it. I love Type so if I could use type to make image...that would be even better!

Lets get going! x

no. 893

How to...Get Fully Equipped for Ice Hockey!

At first I was like "What? I don't know Anything about Ice Hockey" but now i've realised...I quite like that fact!

The How To do Everything book basically told you all the protective equipment you need to safely play Ice Hockey and what order to put them on.

I don't really want to stray away from what the book is telling me to do because - if I was given this brief in industry and then I came back with something loosely related to subject, what are the chances of them saying 'Yes, do it!'? Lol...I would persume the chances aren't too high!

Anyway. Lets see where it goes from here!

Monday, 16 March 2009

I heart Tea

I already like this better than the Fish and Chips one lol.

Again, It would look better if it was printed on sugar paper with an actual tea stain on it.

Moving on! x

Final Resolutions.

Sooo...the white paper was boring me and I wanted to make it look like it was on a t-shirt, but by the time I thought of that idea it was too late to do it...I thought of it just before the crit lol.

Anyway. I scanned some sugar paper to give it a nice textured background! I was going to try other things but I got kind of stuck on this.

Below is the final resolution that I submit...After doing so, I'm not that happy with it but I can make changes later for submission. In the final crit we decide that Fish and Chips was the most british thing I could do, its quite humorous and wouldn't look out of place on a students wall.

Ways to improve?...
- Actually print it on to sugar paper and scan again, to get the texture through the type.
- Print on newsprint and wrap up fish and chips in it.
- I heart Tea with a tea stain...just a little added detail.


Pure British.

I didn't want lots of type but I also wasn't sure on I thought i would go with the tried and tested style of...I heart NY, the Milton Glaser classic.
Its recognisable with students and gives me the oppurtunity to do lots of variations to decided on the right one.

To think of British Stereotypes I looked at Martin Parr's book - Think Of England.
In all honesty, that was probably my biggest inspiration for the whole Pure British idea because I think this book is fabuloose! And some of the pictures are pretty funny!

This is just a collage of most of the basic ideas I had in terms of what british people 'heart'. Its not very clear but at the bottom of each one it says 'Pure British?' as if to say...'is this really what all british people are like?'

In the Crit when I put forward this idea, it was accepted well and they suggested that I should try putting the british flag inside the heart to make it 'less New York' and it communicates british-ness straight away.
I started experimenting with the Milton Glaser heart and I really like the above one because I felt that the scribbling of the pen was maybe still 'too' new york.

I decided to take the 'scribbling pen' idea and do the British heart. I thought it was going to look shocking but I actually quite like it.

Just do it!. x

Don't Panic!

First Brief of a new module!

I chose to do the Don't Panic brief; Communicate 'Pure' through an A2 Poster.

'Don't Panic Packs are distributed in independent shops, bars, universities, art spaces and outside alternative music events' - I got from this that my target audience would be Students.

I want it to be humorous...

At first I was completely lost on where to go with this. I've never had such difficulty in filling in a form on what I'm going to do etc. SO hard!

BUT! Then I was sat at home and looked at the term - Pure is unmixed, genuine - and the definition in the dictionary said 'descended from the original stock i.e. a genuine scotsman'.
Finally! An Idea!


I was going to look at Pure Student but after the crit where we had 30 possibly design treatments...I realised that was a bad idea!

Now what?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

3 Rules...

For What is a Line...

After the crit, im unsure about whether I wanted to use Etch-a-sketch now because there are more...and possibly better things I could do without buying one and finding out it doesn't work.

Here are my 3 Rules for What is a Line from now on:
1) Think of a context and Stick with it - Don't just do random things that look nice.
2) Try using different media - i.e. string.
3) Think about presentation - i.e. if I did decide to use etch-a-sketch, you can't save the work unless you photograph it.

Im not sure if these rules are exactly what was wanted but it will certain help me move forward.


Etch a Sketch

Advert for Mini...probably not actually done on an etch a sketch but it looks good.

George Vlosich
This man is Amazing.

Argos - Etch a Sketch - £12.69 :) Off I go!


Monday, 2 March 2009


I WILL update this. On wednesday. I have so much to put up.

I hate it when I do this. Annoyinggg.x