Wednesday, 3 December 2008


So! With our 100 photos, we got into groups of 4 and laid them out in a certain some form of categorisation method.
Firstly, we did it with our own photos.
We simply categorised them into 5 groups, the subjects that we were supposed to take photo's of:
Textures, Places, People, Words and Objects our groups of 4, we got into pairs and went on to categorise other peoples photos.
I don't know who did mine...but this is what they came up with. I believe its in colour order. I like how they set it out.
Me and Leigh categorised Pearls and Ross'. We categorised Ross' in Time...Day to Night.
(The picture below is Terrible quality because I changed the perspective on it. But it is simple to illustrate what we did.)

We catergorised Pearls in Alphabetical order.
We determined what letter the image should go under by looking at the subject matter.

It sounded so easy when we were told what we were doing, but it was suprisingly hard to decide how to categorise the images and what order they would go in. Crazy...

THEN! We had to write down 10 subjects that were represented in our images, then we went around and ticked 1 subject on each persons sheet that we thought was best represented in their collection of photographs.

In the end, I chose Winter...and that was the one that had most ticks on it.

Now. I need 10 A4 sheets of primary research on winter and 10 A4 sheets of seconday research.
Go go go...

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