Sunday, 9 November 2008

Been there, said that.

I have Really really really enjoyed this brief; research and creating the 3 posters.
It has made me realise so many things such as:
- Don't stick to A size papers all the time i.e. 2:1 format, A3 scale is so much nicer to work on than A3!
- Don't need to use black or white all the time i.e. I printed something red onto yellow paper and I liked it so much more than I would of if i'd used black on white.

- Other types of paper i.e. brown packaging paper, can make all the different!
- Photocopying and enlarging type from a newspaper looks intense en mi opinion :)

So - here are my finals, I kind of wanted to print them all on yellow paper but I didn't have enough :) but I do quite like the brown paper. And looking from far away, because of the opacity of the print on yellow paper I may have discovered a problem...My brain looks a bit like a bum?
Which, of course, is not a good thing.
This picture isn't very good, but you get the jist I think.

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