Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mr. Motivator...

Motivational Mascot...
Is there anyone better? :o

Mr Motivator!



Well. Even though I loved my first logo, I figured that the type I used didn't really work with the theme of the rest of my I changed it to a more 'rough', hand-drawn looking type.


Moved on a lot at this point...
I felt I needed to tackle the issue of branding. Although its not exactly a campaign or anything that I am doing, I need there to be some sort of logo so that you can identify that all that the things in my pack go together.

After many sketchs and scans etc. I came up with this...

...which I am very happy with.
I then thought it would look good all cut out/like a stencil.
Although I am really happy with the outcome of this...
I don't actually know what I can do with this? I love it but, with the amount of time that it may prove to be pointless, which is annoying.

First proposal boards

For the first crit of the brief I put together 2 proposal boards because I felt it was the most successful way of saying what I wanted.

Self explanatory really...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Change of Plan...


My original plan was 'to motivate students to get more involved in group work', But I had a change of plan mainly based on last weeks crit because someone said they weren't sure what the problem was...(Even though on one of my boards, in capital letters, bright red writing, about 48 pt said what I aimed to do

Anywhooooo, I thought that gave me a chance to re-direct my project slightly, to "Encourage students to motivate themselves to do work outside college"...i.e. carry on doing college work at home.

I Guess it is based around time management...but I didn't want to write that because I hate the phrase.

So! Off we go, fun fun fun.

Friday, 1 May 2009


What did I used to be?

When I started the course I was pretty confident that I would just use photographs in pretty much everything I did and that I could never be good at illustration. I always thought that if I tried do illustration, it would make my work look bad because everyone was better than me at it. One thing I believed was that, I would get onto the course and everyone would already have their 'style'...while I didn't really have a clue, but i still didn't like experimenting out of my comfort zone. On a positive, I thought I was good(ish) on photoshop and illustrator, and this still stands true...I know enough to get me by; And, I've always loved words so I liked typography...

Where am I Now? 

I have become more confident with my own work, where I used to think everyone elses work was better than mine, even if I didn't really like theirs...I now know, everyone is good at different things, and likes different things. Its not a bad thing. Also, the fact I Knew I didn't have a style has benefit me because I have become more willing to work out of my comfort zone and I think this is what is making me like my work more. I still really like typography, but I am starting to enjoy illustration more because it doesn't all have to be the same style as everyone elses. So...I still don't know what I like best. One more thing is that I've learnt how much research can help, i've definately got better at this!

Where do I Intend to be?

- I want to experiment and become more confident with illustration.
- Become more aware of contemporary graphic design - more research into this.
- I want to generate more ideas or get better at generating ideas.