Sunday, 30 November 2008

At first I wish I hadn't looked at this...

Sooo...even though we handed in our module last week and were having a little rest...
It couldn't last for too long of course! Lol.
Seen as we got the next brief before we even handed it all in haha.

Im not gonna lie, I didn't look at the "Useful photographers" first, which was probably a stupid idea, because then I would have had a better idea of what to do :) Foolish.

Anywhoooo, I have looked at them for secondary research.

First off...Nan Goldin.

This is what I wish I hadn't looked at, at first! Because I simply typed it in to google and it came up with what looked like a child looking up another child's skirt or something? Lol.
But, after I got over that, I looked more and she's actually the kind of documentary photographer I like because for documentary photography, it doesn't look very posed!

She kind of reminds of Richard Billingham?

High class family, clearly.

The two pictures above are Billingham...

And the 3 below are Nan Goldin.

"Joana with Cigarette at the Chateauneuf de Gadagne, Avignon"

This one is called "Joan Crawford on fire; Thanksgiving in NJ"

I even love the titles of her work lol, so obvious but...especially the Joan Crawford one, Funny.

Both of the artists seem to take their pictures with a simple 35mm film camera, I think this, because of the quality of the images.
All the images are so simple and look somewhat "candid"; I think they 'tell a story' or 'document a moment in time' better than a posed image.

I have liked the work of Billingham for quite a long time but now I would like to do more research into Goldin.

Ahh :) Good times.x

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