Thursday, 13 November 2008

Visual langauge and Critical studies.

Visual language - I will put some pictures up here of my work.
What do I like most about visual language?
- You see that sometimes, only you understand the message in your work...which to be fair, is pretty important because if you do something really obscure and you think "Yeah, that totally works. I know exactly what it means" and then someone else comes along an goes...."What the hell does that mean?" it makes it pretty pointless :D lol.

Critical studies:
I'm not gonna lie, at the beginning I thought "Oh good lord, this is gonna be the most boring part of my week and probably end up being pointless"
BUT! I have been transformed. My beliefs have been altered, I actually enjoyed reading about subliminal seduction and finding examples of it.
Plus, im glad we actually have a lesson on it and got to watch other peoples presentations, because I would probably never have known about most of those things in detail unless I was there! So there ya go.


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