Sunday, 30 November 2008

Britains missing top model...

This is where I first saw the next photographer.

Rankin :)
Well, John Rankin to be precise.

Now, I don't really take many portrait pictures but this is only because I don't like asking people if I can take pictures of them, I prefer them to Want me to take a picture of them...if that makes any sense at all. However, when it comes to inspirations or influences, I like a Lot of photographers that concentrate on portraits or at least pictures with people in them.

These pictures are just amazing. There is nothing else I can say about it...well there is, but thats the most important thing lol.
The clarity of these pictures and the honesty and reality that they portray is amazing.
Obviously these are just 3 pictures from a huge portfolio of work, and they're from his most recent collection I think...but they stand out to me :)
I really like the 'crispness' of the images and the contrast, it just makes them so eye catching and makes you want to look at them. Interesting!

Although Im contradicting what I just said in my previous post about the style of photography documenting something better than posed pictures, I think these shots...although they are posed...they are a lovely documentary images :)


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