Monday, 20 October 2008

Out of the blue...

What is...Blue?
Blue is...Not Edible.
This is my Concept ;)
My initial Idea is:
To illustrate things (foods) that are always a certain colour, i.e. Carrott? and draw it blue.
Simple? But I think it will look good.
Im thinking that I will think of a better media to use after I have initially done this illustration thing.
Seen as its going to be a set, series or sequence I will probably have them all the same BUT I might have the last one as type saying something about Blueberries?
We shall see!
Anyway! I am tired.
Night night, Peace! x

It just flys by!

Time I mean!
I just realised I haven't posted since...2 thursdays ago! Oops :|
SO!...since then. Erm...
Systematic colour - the presentation hurt my eyes lol, and kind of made me nearly fall asleep NOT because it was boring - because it was hurting my eyes, I sat too close to the front.
My typeface based on Ross Stanton - I panicked at the last minute to get something done and although I was kind of happy with the outcome, I dont think it really think it was the best it could have been, so i'll be continuing with that!
This is the final one:
I wish I had pursued this idea a bit more, even though I did loads from it, but just gave up for no reason:
And this is Ross' typeface based on me:
Yepp, thats just a plain wall. I don't know what it looks like because he wasn't there. Grr :D

Anyway! Moving on!
Illustrator - I like illustrator, but I've only every really known how to do the really basic things on it so i'm quite looking forward to these workshops! Although...I knew everything from the first one, haha.

Print - Screen printing - I SO want to do more of this. I did it last year and just thought "Whats the point? It takes So long to produce the might aswell do it on a computer"
But it looks so much better screen printed, and it feels a hell of a lot more satifying to know you've done it all!!
(Insert more bloody images. Stupid blogger!! Grr)

And FINALLY! Today...actually, i'll do this on another post lol.
Peace Out x

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Epilog? Apelogy? What...

Oooh...Apeloig ;)

Considering the work I have done today (Which I will put up...) and the crit I had, I think this is quite appropriate to record. I can't say it was an inspiration because I found it after I had done my work, but the process of layering two typefaces to create a new one is what I am currently exploring.
I thought I would just put this one up because it is So simple and only uses a few shapes, yet it looks like a well established and successful typeface. Good stuff!

Goodnight sweetArt.x

Lets dance to joy division...

The Luxury of Protest.

Considering that it just looks like a shape from far away...
The work that has gone into it when you look closely is Crazy good lol.

"Using information design principles and graphical techniques, the 85+ recorded covers of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is mapped in relation to the original recordings by the band."


Its like being a child again...

Chris Clark...pretty intense.

This just looks So fun and it shows you can literally make any letter out of shapes.
Im not gonna lie......some of letters, I can't read. But I like the R :-D lol.
Im more taking into account the use of blocks and shapes.


28...or 29, or 30 or 31 days make a month...

More 7 Days Make a Week
More to do with the brief and my approach to it I think:

I think this typeface works really well for the particular word because it actually looks like the letters are all wrapped together. The weighting of the type and line quality are definitely a positive factor in this typeface!

This is just a REALLY good example of how useful it is to base your typeface upon an existing one, and although it is clearly based on a typical sans serif typeface (step.2) it looks completely different in the end.
I thought this was quite appropriate to my work because i've actually decided to take colour into account and how it can effect something.


365/366 make a year...

7 Days Make a Week...
Yes they do!
These a couple of amusing examples that I found :D

TypeFace...haha, genius.
I just thought this was quite clever...obvious, but clever lol. I don't think it would have been as effective without the different tone in colour <- note to self: remember this!

See y'all! x

Monday, 6 October 2008

My back hurts...

I tell you now, everyone better appreciate the library it is now my place of work, lol...I moved about 1000000000000 books today...or between 3-500 hundred and my back kills!
But it is a blooming nice library!

ANYWAY!...A typeface that reflects someones personality? Well then.
I have to admit, my brain is struggling slightly, it seems to just be saying "No Charlotte!! Don't use me!" Haha. But I will!!!

Mature, Confident, Ambitious, Lazy, Unorganized - Mine
Ambitious, Honest, Friendly, Determined, Creative - Theirs

So...I'm thinking - UPPERCASE, Bold.
Mature - Serif? Big, grown-up
Confident - Uppercase, strong, bold
Ambitious - Bold, demanding
Lazy - Wide, 'fat', still, idle, 'placed on its side'
Unorganized - Missing parts, unfinished, sloppy, disorderly
Honest - Smooth lines, not sharp edges, plain
Friendly - Warm, smooth lines, peaceful
Determined - Upright, resolved, serious
Creative - Original, expressive, artistic

Because of the conflict in some of the words like: Lazy - Determined, I may choose to discard one, because if I spend so much time working out how to fit them both in, it will distract me from the actual brief and affect my final outcome. However, only time will tell...

A few examples of how Im currently thinking -

Confident - Non-format.

Creative - 7 Days make a week.

Unorganised - ICFF

Im actually falling asleep?
Goodnight! x

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Soup soup...a tasty soup soup!

Although I found "Alphabet Soup" and the word Dissect hard to get my head around, when I actually set myself a time limit and said "Just do something woman!" I was actually really pleased with what I produced :D

I am actually quite happy with all of these.

The Only one I'm not happy with, is needs to be bolder.






However...on my evaluation one of the groups said they couldn't tell if it was communicating Dissect or...extend :s which I didn't quite understand, but maybe thats just because its my work? Lol, and even if I think about it more, I still don't get it? Haha.


Peace out! x

Come with us on a journey through time and space...

So...Last night I saw the almighty...Mighty Boosh at the lovely compact Wakefield Theatre Royal was absolutely amazing.
However! Graphic Design was of course in the back of my mind :) lol.
I bought the program for a scandalous £12...but it has some lovely examples of type and illustration in there :D
I shall update this entry soon with pictures from the program.
Good times!

Peace out! x