Sunday, 9 November 2008

I found this Way too hard...

...Therefore, I bet I am thinking too hard and making it more difficult for myself.
I am talking about - Visual Synedoche/Metaphor/Metaphor.
I really didn't know where to start when it came to finding examples.
So, first off I thought of some possible examples, which I have a feeling are wrong, but :-

Visual Synedoche -
- Statue of Liberty (given)
- Big ben
- London eye
- Eiffel tower
- Pyramids
- Sydney opera house
- The Gherkin building

Visual Metaphor -
- Big apple (given)
- Red means stop
- Green means go
- Circle with bit missing and a vertical line down - standby
- 2 equalateral triangles pointing left - rewind
- " " " " right - fast forward
- 1 " traingle pointing right - play
- green phone - answer
- red phone - end call

Visual metonym -
- Yellow cabs - New york
- Black cabs - london
- Red double decker buses - london
- Casino - Las vegas (possibly? :s )

But finding examples of how graphic artists use them? Now, I am really lost! Therefore here are 2 examples which I thought could show visual literacy -

Standby, Eject, Mute, Volume up, Volume down, Equals, Plus, Minus, Delete -
Really simple symbols but you know exactly what they mean.
Visual metaphor I think?

Sony ericsson advert from Shortcut magazine - Black cab, Double decker red bus, bus traffic - London.
I knew/think it is meant to be set in london without it having to say it.
Visual metonym, same as if we see images of yellow cabs we automatically think of new york even though you can get yellow cabs all over - when you see a black cab or red bus you think of london even though you can get them all over england.

I would have liked to have found some examples of visual synedoche, therefore I will keep looking.

And, on that note - I will leave it there.
Night x

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