Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What is a line...lampost.

This took me a ridiculously Long time.
I thought the way I had done this one, would be So much quicker than my last one...I scanned one whole picture onto photoshop and just deleted little bits at a time. Butttt, it took ages and then when I put it together, its gone really bad quality. Grr.

ANYWAY! Here it is...and as we know, Im moving on here.

Moving on from here...I am looking at context.
Evidently, I didn't have any content really...It was like 'Im looking at structure erm...and building...and erm, construction and erm...interesting things'
WHAT? I thought that was good enough...but then I realised I was so confused I had no idea what to do.

In the latest crit, it was suggested that I look at multiples of things i.e. 100 cups.
I really liked this idea...so I am thinking of making it more personal to me and doing 100 things in my bedroom - connected by a line.

I still intend to look at the idea of etch-a-sketch but I haven't bought one...because also in the crit, someone mentioned an etch-a-sketch generation programme, which in fairness is going to be easier, quicker and I will probably be less likely to fail on that!


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Ian Edward Prentice. said...

Really good, Charlotte! If only it didn't take so long, it would be ace to see a whole scene..