Tuesday, 17 March 2009

play LOUD

Due to the fact I don't really know anything Ice Hockey...or sport in general really, I wasn't really sure what direction to take it in, in terms of presentation etc.
I found a book in the library called Play Loud...its basically an illustration book based specifically on Football.
Obviously...football is not ice hockey, but it gave me an insight into the styles of illustration and ways of presenting things that are appropriate to the sport world.

Below are some example from the book that I liked most:

3 Deluxe : This captured my attention simply with the way it used the actual football to present to illustration...maybe I could use a puck or a hockey stick?!

Var - Against the Rest - This is similar to the 3 Deluxe design and there were actually quite a lot of things like this in the book but this shows how you could package it afterwards.

Anonimo studio - When flicking through the book at first, this was the first to really catch my eye. I thought the use of graph paper was good because it is quite instructional and structured and the fact it is green is even more appropriate - green grass, football. Hmm, blue and white graph paper could represent ice?!

Mitch Paone - I love the style of this; the stock, the colour, the type and style of illustration but I definately think it lends itself to a poster. I'm sure if I want to do a poster? But I still love it.

Sammy Stein - Hmm, girly football graphics! The use of colour to make it seem more feminine is cool because just by changing the colours to something like green and blue would automatically make it more masculine. I can't do illustrations like these...but i like them lol.

SemiTransparent Design - This is just simple, attractive and clean which is just what I like. I think it would work really well as a background if I was to do a poster with text over it. Mmm.

Visualdata - I've seen this kind of stuff Somewhere before...but I can't remember where? I thought it was an orange advert but I've got a feeling, I only think that because of the colour lol.
anyway! I really like it. I love Type so if I could use type to make image...that would be even better!

Lets get going! x

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