Monday, 16 March 2009

Don't Panic!

First Brief of a new module!

I chose to do the Don't Panic brief; Communicate 'Pure' through an A2 Poster.

'Don't Panic Packs are distributed in independent shops, bars, universities, art spaces and outside alternative music events' - I got from this that my target audience would be Students.

I want it to be humorous...

At first I was completely lost on where to go with this. I've never had such difficulty in filling in a form on what I'm going to do etc. SO hard!

BUT! Then I was sat at home and looked at the term - Pure is unmixed, genuine - and the definition in the dictionary said 'descended from the original stock i.e. a genuine scotsman'.
Finally! An Idea!


I was going to look at Pure Student but after the crit where we had 30 possibly design treatments...I realised that was a bad idea!

Now what?

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