Monday, 16 March 2009

Final Resolutions.

Sooo...the white paper was boring me and I wanted to make it look like it was on a t-shirt, but by the time I thought of that idea it was too late to do it...I thought of it just before the crit lol.

Anyway. I scanned some sugar paper to give it a nice textured background! I was going to try other things but I got kind of stuck on this.

Below is the final resolution that I submit...After doing so, I'm not that happy with it but I can make changes later for submission. In the final crit we decide that Fish and Chips was the most british thing I could do, its quite humorous and wouldn't look out of place on a students wall.

Ways to improve?...
- Actually print it on to sugar paper and scan again, to get the texture through the type.
- Print on newsprint and wrap up fish and chips in it.
- I heart Tea with a tea stain...just a little added detail.


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