Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How To Lie Convincingly...

The New Collaboration Brief!

Sooo, I'm workin with Marc and we both decided to do the 'Tell a Lie Convincingly' task.
Not just tell a lie....tell a lie to your boss.
Therefore our audience is employee's.

Up to this point, i've done some research into how to tell lies without getting caught.
Here are some of the main points i've found:

- Lying is a form of story-telling.
- Avoid lying to people who know how you normally act.
- Its easier to lie to people you don't care about.
- Practicing your lie will make it more effective.
- The more details you use, the more likely it is that someone will believe you.
- The details must be rehearsed and memorised.
- Keep the details in your active memory for a reasonable period of time after you have told the lie.
- Include unverifiable details i.e. if you said that you had to go the dentist...say something like
'The dentists hands were so cold!'
- If you include people in your lie, make sure they know about it so they can back you up.
- Believe your own lie - the more you rationalise with the story, the more likely you are to convince yourself that you are telling the truth.
- Confidence is a good indicator that someone isn't lying.
- Don't over elaborate.
- Look the person, that you're lying to, in the eye but don't stare at them.
- Never forget what you lied about.
- Think about what questions the victim of your lie might ask you, next time you see them.
- Don't try to distract the person you're lying to.

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