Monday, 16 March 2009

Pure British.

I didn't want lots of type but I also wasn't sure on I thought i would go with the tried and tested style of...I heart NY, the Milton Glaser classic.
Its recognisable with students and gives me the oppurtunity to do lots of variations to decided on the right one.

To think of British Stereotypes I looked at Martin Parr's book - Think Of England.
In all honesty, that was probably my biggest inspiration for the whole Pure British idea because I think this book is fabuloose! And some of the pictures are pretty funny!

This is just a collage of most of the basic ideas I had in terms of what british people 'heart'. Its not very clear but at the bottom of each one it says 'Pure British?' as if to say...'is this really what all british people are like?'

In the Crit when I put forward this idea, it was accepted well and they suggested that I should try putting the british flag inside the heart to make it 'less New York' and it communicates british-ness straight away.
I started experimenting with the Milton Glaser heart and I really like the above one because I felt that the scribbling of the pen was maybe still 'too' new york.

I decided to take the 'scribbling pen' idea and do the British heart. I thought it was going to look shocking but I actually quite like it.

Just do it!. x

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