Thursday, 22 January 2009

Update Christmas...

Sooooo, I have been keeping kind of up to date with my blog but I just kind of forgot about these? Which is ridiculous! Lol.

First of all, here's my Typogateux...I like this little collage of some of my pictures :D
I didn't know what word to write, without being predictable with 'Merry Christmas' or something. So, I kind of took inspiration from the ever popular Helvetica cake and did cookies in Futura typeface and they spelled out...Futura. Crazy.

That was actually impressive to see what some people could achieve by just making type out of cake...and, of course it all/most of it, tasted pretty good too!

And this is my Christmas card for Anthony. I love the pearl grey from the library, pretty much my favourite paper at the moment! And Red is christmassy and my favourite colour so I personally liked the card however...I'm not even sure if Anthony saw it? Lol. Nevermind!

Anyway! The celebrations are over but I wanted it evidenced somewhere!

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