Thursday, 22 January 2009


Ok, So! I collected 100 Carrier bags :)
The main reason I did this is because I have a weird obsession for carrier bags and I have kind of collectd for a few years i.e. I have a bag from 2001 in there AND one from the 80's I think, one of my Grandads.
Anyway, Below is a collage of my 99 of my bags in alphabetical order. When I got right to the last picture...i realised I had no more left, so I obviously left one out along the way but this was mainly to illustrate my collection of bags which I think it does nicely.
(Hmm! The image uploader isn't working properly and when I upload a Jpeg it inverts the colours? Weird. So I had to take snapshots and its all split up now. Annoying! Anyway...moving on)
After I took photographs of all my bags, I drew them all which turned out to be quite a nice little book.
Then...I came to somewhat of a stand-still...what do I research now?
Hense, on the presentation day I didn't have a great deal of secondary research.

Well! There ya go. I have a couple of other things i.e. books to put up on my blog but I got a new memory card for christmas (SDHC) and my memory card reader doesn't read it :| so I need to buy another. But It won't be long!

So long!x

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