Thursday, 29 January 2009

Say Whaaat is a line?!

Well. When we got the project the first things I thought of were Type and Architecture.
I have got a book on skyscrapers because I think they're...amazing.
However! This post is on what I have done which I like as a starting point and would like to pursue...
I really like the idea of a continuous line.
When I started doing the work below I actually was tired but I was watching something? So I was concentrating on that...but wrote I Am So Tired by:-
1) Not taking the pen off the paper
2) Not looking at the paper.

When I did look at the paper...I loved it :) So I did the same with the whole alphabet, well except for N because obviously that doesn't exist is my world? Lol.

ANYWAY! Below are the sketchy things I ended up doing and then taking them into illustrator and what I created....

I looked at the paper doing the one above and the ones below and...I don't know if I like them as much?

There you have it!
However funny it may seem...below is my first adventure into architecture lol.
Obviously this isn't all I'm going to do.
It was a case of incorporating a house with the type and I really like the idea of it.
I would like to develop these further.

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