Friday, 23 January 2009

ABC bags...

One week brief...produce an A5, 32 page booklet based on your subject of 100.
Therefore - an A5, 32 page booklet based on 100 carrier bags.

At first I thought, ok this is fine...but then when it came to actually doing it I thought - how?
Regardless of how much I like carrier bags, when it came to producing Something with them, I was confused to say the least.
However, I thought about how much I like typography and the idea of branding and typography on the bags. 
Hense, I produced a booklet on the shapes of 100 carrier bags and the brands that appear on them.
After I produced it my reaction was somewhat underwhelmed.
BUT, it was a learning curve of - Not to do it again.

I was necessarily negative about the idea but a book of 100 of this same thing would be quite boring.

I produced it all by hand and the stock I used really let this down (you could see the ink through the pages)...I should have realised this before. Another learning curve.

The feedback that I got on the book was that the idea was quite good but I could take it further...develop it on illustrator and maybe add swatches of the bag and some more information.
I went on to do this...and unfortunately did every single on of them on illustrator and transferred them onto InDesign etc.
Outcome? Not much better.

So...I went to the Crit on thursday completely lost as to where to take this...But I can now truthfully say, thanks to crit I am Excited again.

But thats a whole other story (well...another post).

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