Friday, 23 January 2009

Hmm, Carrier bags...

Well, after the crit I got some really good ideas on what direction I could take my project in...

Because I found the idea of doing 100 of something to do with carrier bags quite daunting, seen as I was supposed to make it interesting...I was kind of lost. 

Then I was given the idea of splitting it in to chapters (i.e. 20 things in each chapter) to make it less scary and then I could do different things in each chapter.

Some ideas were;

A day in the life of a carrier bag.

What not to do with a carrier.

What you could do with a carrier bag.

Peoples opinions on carrier bags.

Unusual places you find carrier bags. (and so on)

SO! I decided to do some secondary research...(seen as I had no idea what I could research before)

And I found some Interesting things! 

Dacca Boots - Designer; Camilla Labra's.
Boots made of plastic bags? I'm guessing not the heel and soul of it but the rest is.
I found an article on them in the daily mail. Strange!

This is...crazy. But So good.
Joshua Allen Harris.
He uses carrier/plastic bags to make street sculptures in new york. By putting them over a grate above a subway, when a train/tram? goes through the wind inflates them.
Click here (a link to his youtube videos)

Below is something I found on flickr...its on a page called 'Ruby's Re-Usable's Ephemeral Folks'
Some of the pictures are really funny because of the actual humans that are around the 'Folk'.

Carrier bag crunch?

Plastic bag photography exhibition in London.
These are the sorts of images I was thinking about for 'unusual places you find paper bags'.

On the first day when we presented our work in small groups, the people I was with thought a book on environmental issues with carrier bags would be a good idea to take but I thought it would be...boring, because (even though I should) I don't really actively think about the environment and ways to help it.
HOWEVER, after doing some research I like the route of ways to re-use carrier bags which in fairness would be quite appropriate with current view on plastic bags and our environment.

100 Ways to re-use a carrier bag?

(Links for some of the work I have mentioned above:   )


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charlottehitchenbagd said...

i dont know how to follow your blog!! arghh! i want those sandals. waterproof? handy! i love your idea. a swimming pool made from bags... wow. the book sounds promising / entertaining :)