Friday, 12 December 2008


I enjoyed the photoshop workshop a LOT! :D
I can honestly say that I would never have tried anything like this if it wasn't for the workshop, so i was Welllll pleased after it.

This is the one that I did in the workshop, I really like it! Its such a good way to fit so many different...ideas? or themes into one image.

Then I made this one when I got home :D I tried to through it lol.
- The camera - I love photography and I have that camera.
- The Ipod - I never leave the house without it.
- Pencils - I like drawing.
- Plane - Copy off the workshop but I like going on aeroplanes :D
- The tree - I took the photo
- The building - Wakefield cathedral...I live in wakefield.
- The person singing - I took the picture and its one of my favourite bands..
Mmmm, i love this stuff!

Soooo then! I decided...why not make a...logo? or whatever you'd call it, for myselffff. Woo.
I love it ha :)
Good times.


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nicholatiffanybagd said...

I love the Riley logo!! genius!!