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What if...?

What if...? Self Evaluation.

Im gonna go the easy route and just answer every question off the brief in order :) lol. Laze.
I've just realised, this post is gonna be HUGE!

Soooo...My group was Chris, Paul and David.

What problem did you identify?
People are afraid of the dark in Leeds.

What evidence did you find to support your decisions?
- 35 out of 50 people surveyed said they felt threatened in Leeds at night.
- Leeds had 12165 recorded assaults between January and December 2005.
- Stats from West Yorkshire police found that crime against students in Leeds happened most frequently on the A660 corridor.

What methods did you use to gather your evidence and what forms did it take?
- We began with a survey (done by Chris) primarily identifying whether people were scared of the dark (in leeds). (Mainly quantitative.)
- Another survey on the internet for further research...

These images are pretty poor of the survey but this is a link to the actual survey:
It wasn't done by many people however, it gave us some qualitative research.
- After some secondary research, David took some pictures along the A660, of where we could put our solutions into the public.

- Research into existing (related) campaigns.
i.e. Stay Safe, Stay Secure booklet from Leeds university, Get home safe campaign from Stella, Get home safe in Belfast etc.
- Crime figures for Leeds. (Quantitative)
- Maps - of the route.
- Sticker artists (The london police was one that stood out)

What methods did you find useful and why?
All of them! Because they all contributed to our development and final outcome :)

How did these inform the response to your problem?
Secondary research showed us what sort of campaings were successful and as we intended to produce stickers, it showed what sort of stickers were popular.
Primary research gave us evidence that it actually was a present problem.

What methods did you find problematic?
To be fair...the surveys for primary research were somewhat problematic because we didn't get a huge amount of responses, gave us an ample amount of information which was good enough!
Main method I found problematic...working in a group haha. Im terrible.
I don't blame the people from my group at all, we all produced a lot of work but I am such a control freak And find it hard to communicate with some people :s sooo, group work sometimes proves pretty hard for me. Sorry.

How did you overcome this? How will you address these issues in the future?
Hmm, for primary research i should probably just try and become more confident.
The other thing, i don't know? Maybe just shut up lol. Moving on.

What research didn't you carry out that would have proved useful?
I think we researched in a good variety of ways however, i think that maybe due to the nature of our problem...maybe actually going out when it gets dark and asking people of the public...on the A660 route (or near the universities). I think this would have been useful butttt, i wouldn't have done it so i wouldn't expect anyone else too :)

What five things would you do differently next time?
1) More primary research.
2) Be more organised.
3) Do the research more systematically.
4) Hmm.
5) Erm.

List 5 things that you feel you have learned about the design process over the past 2 weeks.
1) Importance of research.
2) Variety in research.
3) How well research can guide a project.
4) How research can change what you expect your outcome to look like.
5) Erm...that most crimes against students happen on the A660 :)

SOOO! Here's some visuals.

For my work, I looked at different types and taglines we could use for our 'campaign'
I thought I would make it look visually engaging, lol.
I went on to produce these. (i've already done a post on these so I don't need to say anything really.)

These are the only examples of Pauls work that I have. He wanted to go for a "cute" approach. Its not really my style but Paul developed it to look quite good.

As this is the only thing I had...I just put it on illustrator and simply traced it and added colour, it reminds of the MTV characters lol.
Davids work...I thought these worked quite well. I liked the one with the two figures on best as I think it portrays the messages best, but David didn't think it was needed.

Chris' work - To be fair, I feel quite bad because Chris did SO much work and I don't think we paid it enough attention/took it into account enough.
I really liked the graffiti teddy bear, I think with time we could have incorporated this into a different solution. The footprint idea is really good aswell...but I never saw that? I just stole it off his the other pictures lol.

Then we experimented with adding David's work into Chris's drawings and it works quite well! We would have used this for posters.

In the end, after doing a survey on which solution communicated best, we decided to use my Silhouettes and Davids type to produce a sticker.
I am pretty happy with the sticker...I think we could have looked more into the type because I'm not really sure about the one we used; as a group collaboration we decided to use this as a final sticker.
Soooo, we cut around the shape to make a...strange shape? Lol. But I liked it.
Then we decided to be naughty (tut tut) and go stick them on various surfaces alone the A660.
David took these because I didn't have my camera on me.
Noice pictures...
I want to go take some more though. There are only 3 of mine left up (or there were on friday) lol, Obviously people ripped them down because they wanted to keep such a beautiful piece of art :D
Chin Chin! x

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