Wednesday, 10 December 2008

What if...

Soooo, on monday we decided our problem is People in Leeds are scared of the dark...and to solve it we would produce something to somewhat inform people on how to get around leeds safely.

I didn't go in to college today (wednesday) because I was busy in the afternoon and it seemed too much of an effort to go in for a couple of hours, so i kept in contact with them through email...
I was kind of working blind. But at least I made an effort...and I came up with these.
First off, I came up with some...tag lines? Or whatever you may call them.
- Don't be scared, be safe
- Travel safe
- Walk safe
- Stick together, stay safe.
- Stay safe, stick together.
bla bla bla.
I went with the Stay safe, stick together/Stick together, stay safe...
Here's a few of the visuals.
I like the idea of using silhouettes because....well, basically, im crap at making up characters? lol. And i like the characters you can portray through a silhouette.

Here, I was thinking about bus stops and feeling safe...being on your own etc.
This is pretty self of people walking...weirdo following them.

Here i just thought of type...because i love type :D
I quite like it....

I did more, but i wasn't gonna post Every single thing lol.

Because its group work it probably won't be used, but at least I have it for my records :D

night night.x

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