Thursday, 30 April 2009


So...for our PPD session, we have been asked to find 5 examples of Graphic design that may influence our Speaking from experience brief.
Due to the fact I'm not set on one idea of what I want to do yet, I tried to find kind of diverse examples but all sticking around the idea of illustration as type...

Shaz Madani
I used this the last type that we needed 5 example of type...riiiiight near the beginning of the year. But I still like it, so why not use it again. I love crafty things and I Really like 3D lettering BUT having the 3D letters and photographing them.
Julien Vallee
Once love of crafty things influences my choice for this one. The colour and style f type etc. are well suited to the audience - it was for mtv one, so its not exactly aimed at grandparents.
I chose this because I like the idea of using something like it to communicate with the audience. I like the simplicity of the packaging...maybe not the pale blue, but the crafting of it.

Mike Perry
I did have some examples from Hand Job...but then I forgot to bring my book and scan, but it was pretty similar to this just good examples of illustrative type.
Mr Bingo
At the moment I'm going through of phase of loving this stuff. But for this, its just another example of the style of illustration I would like to work with.
And...I can't believe that just by drawing hair I know who his "hair portraits" are of. Love it.


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