Friday, 1 May 2009


What did I used to be?

When I started the course I was pretty confident that I would just use photographs in pretty much everything I did and that I could never be good at illustration. I always thought that if I tried do illustration, it would make my work look bad because everyone was better than me at it. One thing I believed was that, I would get onto the course and everyone would already have their 'style'...while I didn't really have a clue, but i still didn't like experimenting out of my comfort zone. On a positive, I thought I was good(ish) on photoshop and illustrator, and this still stands true...I know enough to get me by; And, I've always loved words so I liked typography...

Where am I Now? 

I have become more confident with my own work, where I used to think everyone elses work was better than mine, even if I didn't really like theirs...I now know, everyone is good at different things, and likes different things. Its not a bad thing. Also, the fact I Knew I didn't have a style has benefit me because I have become more willing to work out of my comfort zone and I think this is what is making me like my work more. I still really like typography, but I am starting to enjoy illustration more because it doesn't all have to be the same style as everyone elses. So...I still don't know what I like best. One more thing is that I've learnt how much research can help, i've definately got better at this!

Where do I Intend to be?

- I want to experiment and become more confident with illustration.
- Become more aware of contemporary graphic design - more research into this.
- I want to generate more ideas or get better at generating ideas.


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