Monday, 6 October 2008

My back hurts...

I tell you now, everyone better appreciate the library it is now my place of work, lol...I moved about 1000000000000 books today...or between 3-500 hundred and my back kills!
But it is a blooming nice library!

ANYWAY!...A typeface that reflects someones personality? Well then.
I have to admit, my brain is struggling slightly, it seems to just be saying "No Charlotte!! Don't use me!" Haha. But I will!!!

Mature, Confident, Ambitious, Lazy, Unorganized - Mine
Ambitious, Honest, Friendly, Determined, Creative - Theirs

So...I'm thinking - UPPERCASE, Bold.
Mature - Serif? Big, grown-up
Confident - Uppercase, strong, bold
Ambitious - Bold, demanding
Lazy - Wide, 'fat', still, idle, 'placed on its side'
Unorganized - Missing parts, unfinished, sloppy, disorderly
Honest - Smooth lines, not sharp edges, plain
Friendly - Warm, smooth lines, peaceful
Determined - Upright, resolved, serious
Creative - Original, expressive, artistic

Because of the conflict in some of the words like: Lazy - Determined, I may choose to discard one, because if I spend so much time working out how to fit them both in, it will distract me from the actual brief and affect my final outcome. However, only time will tell...

A few examples of how Im currently thinking -

Confident - Non-format.

Creative - 7 Days make a week.

Unorganised - ICFF

Im actually falling asleep?
Goodnight! x

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