Monday, 20 October 2008

It just flys by!

Time I mean!
I just realised I haven't posted since...2 thursdays ago! Oops :|
SO!...since then. Erm...
Systematic colour - the presentation hurt my eyes lol, and kind of made me nearly fall asleep NOT because it was boring - because it was hurting my eyes, I sat too close to the front.
My typeface based on Ross Stanton - I panicked at the last minute to get something done and although I was kind of happy with the outcome, I dont think it really think it was the best it could have been, so i'll be continuing with that!
This is the final one:
I wish I had pursued this idea a bit more, even though I did loads from it, but just gave up for no reason:
And this is Ross' typeface based on me:
Yepp, thats just a plain wall. I don't know what it looks like because he wasn't there. Grr :D

Anyway! Moving on!
Illustrator - I like illustrator, but I've only every really known how to do the really basic things on it so i'm quite looking forward to these workshops! Although...I knew everything from the first one, haha.

Print - Screen printing - I SO want to do more of this. I did it last year and just thought "Whats the point? It takes So long to produce the might aswell do it on a computer"
But it looks so much better screen printed, and it feels a hell of a lot more satifying to know you've done it all!!
(Insert more bloody images. Stupid blogger!! Grr)

And FINALLY! Today...actually, i'll do this on another post lol.
Peace Out x

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