Monday, 23 February 2009

Beastie Boys

'Made for the Beastie Boys some time back, but has only recently surfaced on ol' you tube. I drew every last line of this sucker. A slightly crisper version can be seen if you double click on it, and select "watch in high quality" in the bottom right hand corner.'

Awesome. It must have taken a Long time!
I really like the simple black and white...or at least keeping the colours simple.
Although it isn't continuous line, I still thinks its appropriate research.
This also shows how effective music can be in an animation (seen as it was produced for a band...)

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kayfentonbagd said...

wow i really like this one.... i was literally just about to attempt something similar.... for wats a line.... obviously didnt happen... but photographing stop motion sequence and then adding a kind of stamp- overlay effect may also be similar... try it! X