Monday, 29 September 2008

Mmm, Dust.

Right then, time to get properly started with my blog and put up some valid information etc. lol. Seen as we're doing type at the moment, I have looked at some graphic designers or collaborative 'groups' that I have liked for quite a while and seen how they approach type.
The first one I looked at was I Love Dust.
I first saw these in computer arts magazine which showed some illustrations they had done for Nike and then researched into them more, their work is just so happy and contemporary. To is of a similar quality and personality of work that I would one day like to be able to produce.

This is just the opening page to their website but I love the shapes they have used to create the letterforms and you can still tell what it says.

Im not 100% sure what this means but I think the shapes used in the letterforms and the colour etc. are pretty pleasing to the eyes anyway!

This isn't really type, but its one of the first images of theirs that I saw and I really like it and if you look really closely it has a bit of type on.

So that was a small introduction to my love of I Love Dust lol.
See yer =)

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